Reporting Requirements

Knowing what to file and when to file it can make all the difference to the IRS. Talk to VEB CPA.

Reporting QOF Investments

Deferring Capital Gain with QOF Investments QOF investments offer taxpayers immediate tax savings—but more importantly, they also offer potentially extraordinary savings to long-term investors.

Tax Exempt Organizations File e-file Forms

The Internal Revenue Service said today that the Taxpayer First Act, enacted July 1, requires tax exempt organizations to electronically file information returns and related forms. The new law affects tax exempt organizations in tax years beginning after July 1, 2019.

Know Your Filing Status

When a taxpayer files their tax return, they need to know their filing status. What folks should remember is that a taxpayer’s status could change during the year. So, any time is a good a time for a taxpayer to learn about the different filing statuses and which one is best for them.

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